With her mothers dire warnings about falling in love in mind, Amelie Lacroix has worked to become a prosperous dressmaker. Her stylish creations have made her the most sought-after seamstress in Boston. Amelie has makes no time for men until the evening she meets rakish Captain Zach Fairbourne at a clients wedding feast.

Zach has had his share of women, but he has never been in love. He spies the lovely Miss Lacroix and after one brief kiss in the moonlit garden he decides that remaining in Boston until his ship is finished may not be so bad after all.

Zach begins wooing Amelie, who tries to rebuff him. But when threats are made against her and her sisters lives, Amelie turns to Zach for help and comfort.

Their blossoming love may be strong enough to convince Amelie that her mother was wrong about men, but what about the danger lurking nearby?

Miranda Jarrett adds her special touches and flair for recreating colonial New England. Readers can actually see the harbor with its tall ships, the rows of shops and smell the salt air. Another memorable tale complete with a fine cast of characters, including an especially mischievous cat. SENSUAL (July, 300 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin