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Totally entrancing, In Moonlight offers three very engaging tales of magic and romance, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you hungry for more.

In "Full Moon Magic," Esmeralda, the seventh daughter of a seven-daughter legacy, is promised in marriage to Ethan Montgomery. The time has come for her to marry and produce a pure heir by the joining of two legendary lineages of witches. Readers will be on edge for the surprises Wilder has in store for Esme.

Midnight gives us a tale of the joining of dark and light magic in the enticing "Half Moon Magick." The one thing Dark Isolde lacks is a man to warm her bed. Her dreams and scrying reveal a man who awakens her sleeping lust—then the man of her visions appears in the flesh!

In "Wishful Thinking," Adams gives us a compelling read packed with heartfelt emotion. Mia and her daughter have been on their own since the tragic death of Mia's husband. At her aunt Clara's B&B, Mia, a witch and healer, helps those who need her. Enter Jack Cullen, one very uptight, overworked and undersexed businessman vacationing at the inn. (dl $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Katherine J. Turcotte