Pape continues her exciting adventures in steampunk fantasy with the fourth installment of her Gaslight Chronicles. Set in Victorian London, the worldbuilding balances history and futuristic delights with panache. Our hero and heroine are well developed and personable. The heady seduction of their romance intertwines seamlessly with the main conflict. The mystery and suspense will keep readers guessing, as they follow our hero and heroine from the dark streets of London into the realm of glittering society. Steady pacing and cleverly written plotlines provide a crossover genre story that is an utter delight.

Winifred (Wink) Hadrian has loved Inspector Liam McCullough for years, but his father’s first marriage and his own werewolf past have made him a confirmed bachelor. His constant avoidance of Wink forces her to consider another man, whose declarations of love are becoming more frequent and daring. When London’s poor begin to disappear and a dear friend of Wink’s is among the missing, Wink begs Liam to help her find her friend and discover the reason behind the disappearances. Wink and Liam’s investigation soon leads them into the middle of a political conspiracy of such vast proportions, the entire British Empire may fall. (, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson