Allen brings her many characters to a country town, immersing them in an old murder case. Though there are many strange incidents, the suspense is kept to a minimum, allowing the sweet romance in this charming tale to progress.

Scandal forces Hester Lattimer to purchase a home in Winterbourne St. Swithin, and the price of the house is perfect. Hester doesn't realize it's shrouded in mystery and said to be haunted until newly arrived Guy Westrope, Earl of Buckland, takes an unusual interest in her and Moon House. As strange incidents occur, Hester wonders if Guy or a ghost is behind the happenings?

Being attracted to Hester adds to Guy's dilemma. He intends to uncover the mystery of Moon House and its relationship to his family. But he wants to woo Hester, not harm her. Perhaps a holiday party, complete with ghosts, will bring her into his arms. (Harlequin, Dec., 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin