It is a tumultuous time in English history as the houses of Lancaster and York fight over the right to the throne. As confidante to the possible future king, the Duke of Buckingham, Miles Rushden, would be the perfect husband for the unmarriageable Heloise Ballaster—or so her father thinks.

When he forces Miles to wed Heloise at sword point, Miles flees soon after, vowing to never see his bride again. But in a time when loyalties change and webs of intrigue are spun each day, they encounter one another again when Heloise joins Buckingham's household. Is she a spy and how can he be enchanted by his wife?

Isolde Martyn has taken a complex era filled with intrigues, passions, historical personages and events and made it accessible to the reader. This ability to infuse history with humanity is historical fiction at its finest. Like Sharon Kay Penman and Anya Seton, Ms. Martyn illuminates history through her passionate and remarkable characters and their love story. SWEET (Sep., 448 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin