Mystere Rillieux moves through the New York Four Hundreds soiries with the ease of one born to wealth. In truth, shes a former pickpocket who master thief/con man Paul Rillieux took under his wing. Now shes the darling of the Astor set and the jewel thief Lady Moonlight.

Railroad magnate Rafe Belloch is a self-made man whose rise from the slums is never far from his mind, and neither is the memory of being robbed by a stunning blue-eyed masked young woman. Rafe is intrigued with Lady Moonlights escapades and determined to unmask the bandit, but he cant help falling for the bewitching Mystere.

If Charles Dickens had written a romance, this would be it. With just the right touch of atmosphere and the ability to perfectly capture the wealthy elite of gaslight New York juxtaposed with its seedy underworld, Meagan McKinney has woven a mesmerizing tale. Her three-dimensional characters, the lush backdrop and the mounting tension of a well-crafted suspense simply add to an already emotionally powerful story. Ms. McKinney is truly a mistress of her craft. SENSUAL (Nov., 314 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin