Image of Moonlight Masquerade (Moonlight Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of Moonlight Masquerade (Moonlight Trilogy, Book 3)

Deveraux’s latest Edilean story is a sweet one. Sophie and Reede are engaging and sympathetic characters. Though the tale lags somewhat in the middle, and the large cast can become overwhelming, the characters all contribute something to this cozy read.

Sophie Kincaid is ready for a life of her own after spending the past few years devoted to caring for her younger sister. She hopes for a future with her new boyfriend, but rethinks her plans after he chalks their relationship up to nothing more than a summer romance. She gets in touch with an old friend who tells her to go to the town of Edilean, Virginia. The townspeople welcome Sophie with open arms in the hopes that she’ll cheer up her new boss, Dr. Reede Aldredge. Reede is stuck in Edilean for the time being, and he’s not exactly thrilled about it. Sophie and Reede get off on the wrong foot, but they cannot deny their attraction, or growing feelings for one another. (POCKET, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cristina Merrill