After receiving his promise of protection, Aelvina Fairfax spends the afternoon in the arms of Sir Philipe St. Aubyn. Their afternoon of lovemaking turns to a night of horror. Aelvina awakens from a drugged induced sleep to find herself in the care of old Marta, servant to Lady Ravenna of Dunston Castle.

As the long weeks pass, Aelvinas strength slowly returns and she discovers that her time with Philipe was not a dream, but a reality, for she is soon to bear his child. But there is evil afoot and when her son is born, Marta takes the child and disappears.

Half-crazed and ill over the loss of her son, Aelvina vows to do all in her power to find him.

Fate throws her into Philipes arms, but they now look upon one another with hate. Though they cannot deny the passion they still feel for one another, Aelvina is aghast to learn that Philipe is married to Lady Ravenna and he believes Aelvina helped to trap him in that marriage.

While Philipe promises to help in the search for their son, their future together is filled with obstacles. Attempted murder, witchcraft and the iron will of King Henry all conspire against these star-crossed lovers.

With this reissue of MOONLIGHT MISTRESS readers will see early evidence of the talent that has made Ms. Rice one of the finest writers of historical romance. This is a fine panoramic view of the 13th century filled with passion and the modes and morality of the medieval world. SENSUAL (Reissue, Apr., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond