Image of The Moonlight Mistress


Image of The Moonlight Mistress

Well plotted, and with an irresistible hero and strong-minded heroine, this is pure pleasure. There's a fair bit of M/M sex, including a three-way with two guys and a girl impersonating a guy. Plus, the werewolves get it on too.

Lucilla Daglish needs French scientist Pascal Fournier's help to escape from Germany before war breaks out. Becoming his lover is unexpected and fulfilling, but she must return to England.

Before they part, Pascal explains that he's in Germany to investigate a Professor Kauz, who claims he's experimented on a female werewolf. Tanneken, Kauz's werewolf, agrees to help Pascal locate Kauz. But then Tanneken and her lover, an English soldier, are captured by Kauz and only Pascal and Lucilla can save them. It may be a suicide mission, but it's a risk they'll gladly take, together. (SPICE, Dec., 352 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer