Rachel Browning and her brother live in River Haven, a utopian community. Though her brother adapts quickly, Rachel is not happy. She alleviates her loneliness by taking in Katie Mulligan from the orphan train.

Katie, called Kitty Cat, has found a friend in riverboat captain Wyatt Colton's partner. Rachel fears what the Elders would do if they discovered her excursions on the boat.

As Kitty Cat continues to spend time on the boat, Rachel and Wyatt cannot deny their growing passion. However, the Elders are insisting that Rachel marry Mr. Foley, one of their group. Rachel leaves with Wyatt, but she also leaves Kitty Cat behind. When she returns to River Haven for the child, she discovers the community in crisis. Torn between her love and her desire to help, Rachel must make a difficult decision.

Though this is the second book in her Ohio River series, River Haven is an enigma. We don't understand why it exists, why her brother finds it attractive and why Rachel feels the need to stay when she is a most capable woman. This lack of character motivation left many questions unanswered. SENSUAL (Jul., 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner