Sarah Fairfax is playing a dangerous game: robbing the nobles who travel through her shire. King Charles wants the robberies stopped and sends Baron Anthony Rutledge to Yorkshire to find out who is creating such havoc.

Bored with life in London, Anthony accepts his mission to ferret out the bandit. While staying in the country he becomes determined to court Sarah, not knowing of her clandestine activities. Even though Sarah had been prepared to hate Charles' emissary, she is captivated by his good looks and winning ways.

Anthony is livid when he catches Sarah at work. Yet, Sarah feels betrayed since she believes her activities are aiding the people, who suffer under the king's heavy taxation. Somehow Anthony must find a way to fulfill the king's command and save Sarah from the gallows.

Ms. Seymour portrays life during the Restoration most accurately. She has created memorable lovers in Sarah and Anthony, as well as a cast of secondary characters who add humor and excitement. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner