Image of Moonrise


Image of Moonrise

In a world where no one is what they seem, can one woman's dogged persistence unlock the bitter truth?

Annie Sutherland knows she is about to open a Pandora's box of intrigue when she tracks down her father's former protege James McKinley. Winston Sutherland has recently been murdered and after years of believing her father was a low-level bureaucrat, Annie begins to suspect that her father's true profession was much more complex.

James McKinley has been biding time on his island retreat, waiting for those who wish to eliminate him. He is unprepared for Annie's arrival, and her demands for help in finding the answers to her questions. James already knows a few of the answers and revealing them can only cause pain and disillusionment; but when a professional hit squad arrives shortly after Annie, James finds himself unwillingly committed.

There are few people to trust in the dark world James has inhabited for decades. Annie's trust and innocence are like a shinning beacon to a man raised on death and deceit. As a government weapon, James is unmatched, and now there are those who wish to remove all evidence of Win Sutherland's former team. Annie suddenly finds herself getting a crash course on survival and on seeing below the surface, deep into the sometimes twisted human heart and mind. Murder, betrayal, truth and lies build to a pulse-pounding crescendo of danger that is shattering in its intensity.

MOONRISE confirms award-winning author Anne Stuart's place as one of the most electrifying voices in suspense  today. Sensational!(July, 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith