Despite the danger she often finds herself in, compassionate nurse Edie never has a fatalistic attitude and does what she can to make sure her loved ones stay safe. Moonshifted is an innovative read, offering a whole new look at paranormal creatures and the humans who happen to live in their world. Readers are sure to enjoy this sequel, and will be eager to see what awaits Edie next.

Edie Spence works as a nurse on the hospital floor Y4, where they cater to the supernatural creatures. The work is tough, though, and it’s harder to keep an impersonal distance than Edie would like. Her newest patient is a werewolf pack leader who may have been attacked by a fellow were. His nephew, Lucas, entices Edie — but she’s not sure she can trust him. At the same time, she’s stuck tending to vampires and trying to stay as neutral as possible ... before she gets caught up in an all-out were war. (ST. MARTIN’S, Dec., 352 pp, $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker