Image of Moonstruck


Image of Moonstruck
MOONSTRUCK (4) by Julie Kenner: Claire Daniels, the daughter of a Texas state senator, wants to make her way in law on her own merits. When she sees the boyfriend who dumped her with a new woman on the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve, she grabs the closest man and kisses him. Ty Coleman happily kisses her back. He left town a failure but became a success in the L.A. nightclub scene and wants the backing of a Dallas moneyman to help him conquer Asia and Europe. Things go well until Claire is warned that being linked with Ty could hurt her career. Then a real scandal breaks. Can Ty bring himself to find a home in Dallas? Can Claire balance career and love? You'll want to keep reading this romantic, sexy and very enjoyable story until it's finished.
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Page Traynor