A cry for help from Morgan Kirkwood, the heroine of Shirley Hailstock's latest novel, brings Jack Temple back into her life. After twelve years of mutal longing, they come face to face with their desire while on the run from rogue agents of the CIA and FBI. As theyre chased across the country and dodging assassins, their attraction for each other flares into passion. But this is no conventional romanceexpect everything and anything to happen on the turn of the page.

An interesting thing about this novelother than the very sensual scenesis the fact that Morgan is a girl of the streets. She is used to hunger and defending her turf, but not used to letting down her guard. Can she tell Jack the secret that has them running from the past and straight into an uncertain future?

Ms. Hailstock paints a great story, with lovable, well-rounded characters, that lets the reader use her imagination and her sense of adventure. (Oct., 320 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Shamaine Diana Henry