Image of More Than He Expected


Image of More Than He Expected
MORE THAN HE EXPECTED (3) by Andrea Laurence: A complicated situation may be the simplest way for two people to find their way to each other in Laurence’s entertaining and emotional tale. Dedicated bachelor Alex Stanton’s two-week affair with Gwen Wright had been over for some time, but he was hoping to rekindle a few sparks at a friend’s Fourth of July holiday weekend. What he doesn’t expect is for Gwen to turn up pregnant. The baby isn’t his — Gwen is acting as surrogate for a couple — but it’s given her an opportunity to rethink her life. But Alex still isn’t ready to give up what he’d found with Gwen six months ago — and he doesn’t even understand why. All Alex knows is that Gwen’s never been so sexy, and he’s never wanted her so much.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper