Jessica Blakely is a romantic, so accepting her eccentric aunts invitation to England fits right into her dreams. The only problem is her lecherous host. Wishing on a star, Jessica asks for a chivalrous man. Suddenly transported to 1260, she encounters Richard de Galtres.

Jessica now wishes she were home, but she would never wish away her growing love for the daring knight who protects her in his home by the sea. Though her modern ways nearly drive Richard mad, he falls deeply in love with Jessica and marries her.

However, the king has other plans for Richard, and when his lands are threatened, Jessica takes matters into her hands. Believing that if she were gone Richard would be free to marry as the king decrees, she fervently wishes herself back to the present.

Her wish is granted, but at what price? And is there a way for the lovers separated by centuries to be together forever?

Lynn Kurland is a literary magician, able to transport her characters into a new time and bringing that era to life for us. Her special brand of humor and delightful storytelling always gives time travel fans a must read. THE MORE I SEE YOU is just one more jewel in Ms. Kurlands crown! (Oct., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin