Matthews has a wonderful British voice and an excellent sense of humor. Her characters are amusing, if less than fully drawn, but this book's thin plot detracts from the overall effect.

Kate, 35, is married to a great guy. She has two sweet kids who excel in school and have impeccable manners. The only problem on Kate's horizon, other than worrying that her kids are too perfect, is that her husband isn't as interested in sex as he used to be. Also, she's bored. So she books a weeklong tai chi course with her best friend and leaves her family in the capable hands of a sexy nanny.

Ensuing events are both predictable and improbable: predictable because readers will see the twists coming a mile away; improbable because nothing quite rings true. This makes it difficult to muster any enthusiasm for the characters or their self-induced predicaments. (Mar., 320 pp., $12.95).
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison