Image of More Than a Man


Image of More Than a Man

MORE THAN A MAN (4.5) by Rebecca York: This top-notch mystery could be the best of the 43 Light Street series! Down-and-out former showgirl Olivia Stapler is being manipulated by her evil brother to find a man -- any man -- to blackmail. Mystery man Noah Fielding fits the bill, but he has his own secret to hide (he's lived for over 500 years). Still, he finds it impossible to turn away from the beautiful woman in trouble. Noah better keep looking over his own shoulder when a dying billionaire decides he may be the answer to his debilitating illness. Fleeing from danger, the couple needs the help of the Light Street organization to survive. York has outdone herself with first-rate characters, a roller-coaster ride of a story and a plot that will keep readers holding their breath.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper