Image of More Than a Mistress


Image of More Than a Mistress

Lethbridge gives the knight in shinning armor/lady in distress story a new twist. Her characters are delightful and full of naughty delight. Plus, the action is constant and the tension is always taut. This book is the sequel to The Gamekeeper’s Lady.

Charles Mountford, Marquis of Tonbridge, is duty-bound to marry his father’s choice of brides until he rescues a damsel in distress who stirs his ire as well as his passion. Merry Draycott is an independent woman in a man’s world. The last thing she needs is a pompous lord determined to protect her even as he tempts her. And it will take a close call with death for the lovers to realize that they are well suited in more ways than one. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 334 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer