Image of More Than Perfect


Image of More Than Perfect
MORE THAN PERFECT (4.5) by Day Leclaire: Since using a computer program to find the perfect assistant worked so well, impatient billionaire Lucius Devlin decides it’s also the best way to find the wife he wants: a beautiful homemaker, gourmet cook, caring mother for the baby boy he’s guardian of — and someone he doesn’t have to worry about loving. Angie Colter is the perfect assistant and as she’s already made the mistake of falling in love with the boss, when she finds out about his plans, she plots to have her name tossed into the ring of wife applicants … and watches Lucius take the bait. But what will happen when her lover finds out how she manipulated the results? Leclaire’s fine touch with romance, buried pain and family values supports finely drawn characters in a strong and sometimes funny story.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper