The stellar reputation of Mrs. Anne Smythe's Healing Spa and Bathing Emporium for Women persuades Lady Eleanor to bring her brother, Captain Stephen Chamberlin, there in one last desperate move to help him heal from battle wounds.

When Anne refuses to take Stephen in, Eleanor leaves him on Anne's doorstep. Anne cannot let the famous war hero die, even if her spa's reputation is at stake.

Stephen's mental state is at its lowest when he awakens in Anne's care. Being an invalid is worse than death to the one-time notorious rake. Though he doesn't believe in the healing powers of the water, he does come to believe that the tantalizing Mrs. Smythe might reawaken his passions. He begins a delightful, sensual game of cat-and-mouse with the prim healer.

Holt demonstrates why she's a grand mistress at keeping sensuality at a high boil in her latest and most tempting romance. She adds depth to this sensual tale with her mature characters, a touch of poignancy and a strong plot. Holt truly understands what readers crave. SPICY (Sep., 350 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin