Image of The More Things Change (Indigo)


Image of The More Things Change (Indigo)

In her follow-up to last year's Not His Type, Canton addresses the challenges we face in an image-conscious society and the tabloid nature of today's culture. She should, however, find a way to cut down on the word count. Enjoyable as the total package is, this book is just too long.

Baseball superstar Marcus thrills the love of his life, literary agent Cathy, when he proposes. Although her close friends and family are ready to join in their joy, they must navigate the pitfalls of a scorned ex-girlfriend and the vindictive press. As expected, full-figured Cathy runs into snooty salespeople, but her self-confidence and Marcus' connections turn the situation around.

Marcus has some minefields to dodge as well. He wants to protect Cathy from anything that might hurt her feelings, but he may end up doing more harm than good by not telling her about his past. (GENESIS/INDIGO, Dec., 417 pp., $6.99) Jacqui McGugins
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Jacqui McGugins