Nicole Loring had reason to distrust the police. Estranged from her parents, her only close family was her brother, and his recent death devastated her. A police detective claims that her brothers death was the result of his sexual perversions, but says that hell keep quiet and let the family say he committed suicide. Nicole is certain he was murdered and wont rest until she can prove it. But no one believes her.

Roman McKenna,a part-time security guard for Nicoles auction house, has just been promoted to police detective. Hes long admired her from afar. Nicole reveals to Roman that her brothers son was with him the night he died and has disappeared. Together the two investigate, and each piece of the puzzle brings them closer to the answers and to each other.

Exploring some darker themes, Ms. Myers has a well-developed plot and emotionally complex characters. Although much is predictable, the characters pull this book together and will keep you reading.(May, 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson