Image of More Than You Know


Image of More Than You Know

Loosely connected to Rossiter’s previous novels, this tale is peopled with wonderfully intriguing characters, both two- and four- legged. The story within a story is moving: quite emotional with much sadness, but there’s also joy. This truly inspirational tear-jerker will be remembered long after the last page.

Her father died the day she was born. Now Alzheimer’s has taken her mother and Beryl Graham and her sisters, Isak and Rumer, are home to plan their mother’s service. Single Beryl anticipates her sisters’ arrival with the knowledge that, at 44, she may never share their experience of marriage and family. Rumer arrives first, struggling with the idea that her 23-year marriage may be ending. Isak is dealing with an empty nest. The discovery of a secret that their mother only shared with them after she is gone and a near tragedy will drastically change all their lives. (Kensington, May, 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley