Image of The Moretti Heir (Silhouette Desire)


Image of The Moretti Heir (Silhouette Desire)
THE MORETTI HEIR (4.5) by Katherine Garbera: How do you reverse a curse that affects two families? Easy: Have a baby together but don't fall in love. Two generations ago, Virginia Festa's grandmother cursed Marco Moretti's grandfather so he and his descendants would have success in love or business but never both. Unfortunately, she also condemned her own descendants to be unlucky in love. So, Virginia has a solution. She'll have Marco's baby and not fall in love with him. Likewise, Marco has made a solemn promise with his brothers to never fall in love, but it looks like fate has something else in store for him. Garbera's characters are well defined, intense and fascinating, and this is a one-stop read.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper