Heroine Morgan’s fantasy of having an orgy with a bunch of handsome construction workers finally comes true in this short, but highly enjoyable novella. In “Morgan’s Surprise” the author is able to take away the social stigma of group sex. There is nothing salacious about Morgan’s need to be loved by her friends, rather, the ménage between Morgan, Joe and his construction crew is all about sharing, affection and fun. Even though Morgan is not used to this kind of sex, she is not intimidated by the men’s hunger, in fact, she blossoms under their attention. It is fun to watch as Morgan quickly realizes the power that she holds over the crew and revels in it. Joe is a special treat for both Morgan and the reader. He is sweet and sentimental, not exactly what a reader might expect of a man who initiates a group sex senario. But even with more than one partner in bed, there is never a question that Morgan's heart belongs to Joe and visa versa.

Joe and Morgan have been flirting with each other all summer, but both are hesitant to begin a relationship. Morgan shies away because she harbors secret fantasies about having a wild night with all of the men on the construction crew including Joe, but with poor self-esteem she is worried about his reaction to her needs. Joe has been avoiding asking Morgan out because he doesn’t think that she would be interested in the type of sex he enjoys. But when Joe overhears Morgan discussing her deepest fantasy — she wants Joe but she also wants a chance to be with him and his friends — at the same time, he is more than willing to accommodate her desire. (Samhain, January 2011, dl. $2.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne