Steeped in Peruvian Jaguar mysticism, this fiercely intense romance is page after page of non-stop excitement, breathtaking adventure and hot passion. Richly drawn characters whisk the reader away into the peril and enchantment of true love.

Major Mike Houston is a hot-blooded, sensual man, while Dr. Ann Parsons is a by the book, reserved woman. Nevertheless, to their boss theyre the perfect duo to set up a clinic in Peru employing Mikes ancestral roots and Anns attention to detail. So before the pair can object, theyre bound for the lush jungle, where Mike redoubles his efforts to rid his homeland of a vindictive drug lord.

Working together to better the lives of the people, Mike and Ann form a unique bond that entwines them heart and soul. When she becomes ill, he rushes her to a secret village noted for its healing power. Then, as Ann slowly recovers, bits and pieces of Mikes past are unveiled until he is forced to reveal an astonishing secret, which tests the strength of Anns love.

(Jan., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen