Captain Maya Stevenson has done the impossiblesuccessfully assembled an all-woman special operations squadron in the Peruvian jungle to slow the drug trade.

Shes thrilled when helicopters, training and more funding are procured by her new boss. But the man heading the operation turns out to be Major Dane York, her former flight instructor who has a major problem with women fighter pilots.

After a gender complaint was filed against him, Major York feared expulsion from the Army. He was surprised to be given the temporary assignment of heading up a special operations group. Until he was told that the Commanding Officer of this mission is the same woman who nearly derailed his career five years earlier. After a few tense encounters, Maya and Dane put aside past feelings and start anew.

A truly spectacular and exciting read. The creation of a world filled with mysticism, legend and tradition is tightly woven into an unforgettable love story between two larger-than-life characters and a very intense and action-filled premise. (Mar., 304 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short