This is Ms. McKenna at her best edge-of-the-seat adventure interlaced with passion and spiritualism.

Since the death of his wife, mercenary and paramedic Roan Storm Walker has walled off his heart to the notion of love and laughter. Then he meets Inca, an environmentalist with a warriors heart. In waging war against Amazon opiate lords, she has made enemies, including a high-ranking Brazilian army officer. When shes asked to guide soldiers through the jungle in a raid on the dealers compound, Roan acts as intermediary between Inca and the colonel.

As they travel deep into the jungle, Roan discovers Incas healing skills as a jaguar goddess and his broken heart starts to heal. Inca, too, experiences new feelings, as Roans tenderness and understanding of her power reveal the beauty of love. Before they can bask in their new-found feelings, they must battle dark forces.

(Aug., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen