Widowed and left penniless, Tamsin MacGregor must find her way in the world by working her way to Sweetwater, Colorado, with only two prize horses as her legacy. She meets up with Jack Cannon, not knowing he is an outlaw. But the brief encounter she has with him marks her as an outlaw herself.

Then her horses are stolen. She goes to the ranch where they are and attempts to steal them back. In the process, someone else has murdered the ranch owner and she is now a wanted women.

Ash Morgan, bounty hunter, has a personal vendetta against Jack Cannon because Cannon murdered his wife and unborn child. After following Jacks woman in hopes that he will finally come face-to-face with Jack, he finds that his attraction to her is clouding his duty.

But Tamsin is a feisty woman. Ash does not believe her story and is conflicted in his feelings.

Ms. French weaves an intriguing, action-packed tale of loyalty and adventure in the old west. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer