While hurrying home down the dangerous streets of Chicago one evening, pregnant Molly Delavan falls and goes into early labor. From out of the night, a dark-eyed man with a scarred face comes to her rescue.

He swoops down, carries her to the hospital, then disappears. When Molly discovers the stranger not only saved her and her daughter's lives but also paid the hospital bill, she sets out to find her mysterious rescuer.

Molly's search leads her to the reclusive Seth McCabe, a man with tragic secrets who prowls the streets at night. Molly wants to erase the pain from Seth's eyes and sink into his comforting arms, but she fears that if she gets too close, her own dark secret— the one that protects her precious child—will be revealed.

Mackenzie delivers a gripping tale—one packed with romantic conflict, electrifying sexual tension and unexpected twists. Strong secondary characters play out their own compelling background stories as this captivating couple finds love. (Sep., 304 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell