Heart-tugger extraordinaire Anderson adds a touch of the paranormal to this poignant and richly rewarding chapter in her Harrigan family series. A subtext to this race-against-time tale is how faith and accepting extraordinary gifts are not mutually exclusive.

Being clairvoyant has been mostly a curse for Loni MacEwen. The tragic ending of the last case she helped police with leads her to start over in Crystal Falls, Ore. Since childhood, Loni's been having visions of a handsome cowboy, but finally meeting him the flesh is highly disconcerting, especially since that meeting is accompanied by a vision of a lost child.

Rancher Clint Harrigan is unaware that he has a son, so when Loni tells him that his son, Trevor, has been orphaned in a river-rafting accident and is lost in the wilderness, he thinks she's nuts. Then the news breaks about the accident and Clint realizes Loni is on the level. Can the two of them find the lost boy before it's too late? (SIGNET, Jan., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith