Hannah Gray will do anything to keep her frail nephew Pip safe, including seeking work at Nodding Cross and the great manor of Lord Ravenscar. The lord of the manor, Austen Dante, surprises Hannah by hiring her to transcribe his music. What he doesn't know is that she cannot write a note. Though rumors swirl about the elusive Lord Ravenscar, Hannah discovers him to be a taskmaster with a gentle heart. Gradually, Hannah uncovers Austen's darkest secret as he learns why she has had to flee Ireland.

Hannah's strength and passion win Austen's respect and love. His vulnerability and need conquer her fears, yet as they begin to believe in a future, the past threatens all they hold dear.

Kimberly Cates has brought her storytelling skills to a new level as she explores the dark recesses of the human heart. She weaves a beautiful story of love, redemption, forgiveness and passion that makes for a splendid and uplifting read. SENSUAL (July, 342 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin