At long last, the incomparable Roberts leaps into the paranormal genre in a big way! Roberts wastes no time kicking off a trilogy that immediately immerses readers in a complex mythology that will require much dedication and sacrifice from its protagonists. Like her earlier trilogies, intriguing pairs of disparate couples must band together for a common goal. Book one does an excellent job of setting up the seemingly impossible quest and introducing the "Circle of Six." Once you start, you won't want to stop this thrill ride.

Eleventh-century sorcerer Hoyt's world has come crashing down. His twin brother, Cian, has been killed and turned into a vampire by the evil vampire queen Lilith. While still grieving his brother's loss, the goddess Morrigan appears to Hoyt and tells him that he must gather a Circle of Six -- a sorcerer, a witch, a warrior, a vampire, a scholar and a shape-shifter -- to stop Lilith's plan to destroy humanity.

After glimpsing at Hoyt across time, modern-day witch Glenna Ward realizes her fate, as well as her heart, are now tied to this powerful and magical man. Hoyt is then transported through a magical portal to New York City, a thousand years in the future, where he must find the long-lost Cian, Glenna and his other destined companions, who will start on their dangerous quest. (JOVE, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith