FBI Agent Lily Yu of the Magical Crimes Unit and her lupus mate Rule Turner are still recovering from their recent battle with an evil entity that is determined to break into the human realm. Unfortunately, after the last battle, the powerful staff used in death magic was not recovered and is now in the hands of Reverend Patrick Harlowe, who has made a deal with demons.

In a deadly confrontation with Harlowe, Lily is pulled through the mystical veil into Dis (aka hell). She's not alone though. Rule was also sucked through (in his wolf form), as was a small demon named Gan who claims to be connected to Lily. What no one yet realizes is that during the magical fight, Lily was split in half and now exists on two planes. Can the human-based Lily devise a rescue plan to save Rule and herself?

If you loved Tempting Danger, you'll flip for its mind-blowing sequel. Packed with an abundance of multifaceted emotions as well as daring suspense and magical intrigue, this remarkable book will earn a spot on your keeper shelf! (Nov., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith