Image of Mortal Seductions


Image of Mortal Seductions

The secondary plot involving an archaeological dig, stolen property and two sweet-natured, career-driven people
is slightly more compelling than the romance. That's a shame, since the main characters are likable enough, even if they're not richly drawn (Val's hair is kinky when she's evil, straight and smooth when she's not). The passion between them (often at the same time, with a few M/M scenes as well) is given ample time to develop, but their emotional and sexual entanglements stop just shy of being fully satisfying.

The second book in a series of paranormal erotica, this tale spans 3,000 years and locations ranging from Mount Olympus to Cairo to the Louisiana bayou. Valerie is a former vengeance demon bound to serve Aphrodite and unite couples in love. Demitri is her demigod former lover, the son of Apollo and a mortal shapeshifter. They both fall for Leon Dupree, another shapeshifter and Val's latest assignment.

When Val breaks her vow of celibacy and allows her demon self to escape, she knows the punishment is death. But Aphrodite grants her the chance to bring the two opposing forces within her together. Demitri and Leon must help, or the three of them will perish. The process will be hard, and painful, and they have only two weeks. (HEAT, Sep., 296 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener