Gayle Lynds spins another bullet-fast tale in this sensational novel packed with unforgettable characters, crackling dialog, and daring surprises.

While giving a gala performance at Londons Royal Albert Hall, blind concert pianist Julia Austrians sight returns as mysteriously as it disappeared ten years earlier when she was struck by a rare psychological disorder.

When her mother is slain in front of her just a few hours later, Julia again loses her sight and nobody knows what she has seen the killer do. Soon wealthy relatives, including an uncle who is running for the presidency, Scotland Yard and the CIA circle around her with an array of characters involved in an international chase. Literally caught in a blind spot, Julia plunges into a violent whirlwind of conspiracy involving the law, the banks and the media, where no one, not even her family, is what they appear to be.

Desperate but determined, Julia turns to hypnosis and regains her sight, knowing that she can go blind in an instant. Joining forces with maverick CIA analyst Same Keeline, they work to track down the sinister powers threatening Americas political system, and piece together the random acts that form a terrifying puzzle that began in the final days of WWII and stretches beyond the turn of the century.

As intricate as its name, MOSAIC is a truly sizzling tale of intrigue, suspense and romance. Ms. Lynds writing is so sure handed and captivating readers wont want to put the book down. (Dec., 482 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathryn Falk