Image of The Most Dangerous Thing


Image of The Most Dangerous Thing

Though readers know Lippman’s stories will have a dark, twisted reveal, it is always somehow darker and more twisted than anyone could have imagined. The timeline flits between past and present, but all the characters are fully realized, though readers may not find any of them particularly sympathetic. The most engaging one dies at the very beginning, and readers may be haunted by what could have been had things gone differently.

Five kids spend a summer exploring the woods near their Baltimore neighborhood and share a number of secrets. Years later, those bonds have broken, but when one of them dies in a car crash the remaining friends convene and the biggest secret they’ve kept all these years threatens to come to light. Fans of Lippman’s previous novels will recognize the lean-to cabin in the woods, now in a starring role — and Tess Monaghan makes a cameo appearance. (MORROW, Sep., 352 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener