Image of A Most Scandalous Engagement (Scandalous Lady)


Image of A Most Scandalous Engagement (Scandalous Lady)

Continuing the tale of a scandalous wager concerning the infamous painting of a woman in a gentlemen’s club, Callen gives readers more clues to her identity, drawing us into a highly satisfying romance. Callen has a talent for writing strong, likable characters who arouse empathy and then letting them loose in a wild and passionate plot. Fun!

Peter Derby may have wagered he’d unmask the woman who posed nude, but he never imagined that the very eligible Lady Elizabeth Cabot, his childhood companion, would ask him to pose as her fiancé. He got her out of scrapes when they were children, but was too far below her station to imagine anything more. Elizabeth wants a man and Peter can help her get him by teaching her a few important lessons in love. But what neither of them expects is the real passion that flares between them and the problems it causes. Then there are the rumors that Elizabeth posed for the infamous portrait. There must be some way to put the mystery to rest. (AVON, Dec., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin