Image of A Most Scandalous Proposal


Image of A Most Scandalous Proposal

Newcomer Macnamara delivers a Regency romance that exemplifies the era’s obsession with making a “good” marriage. She skillfully incorporates the mores, customs and nuances of society into a charming tale and then adds a fresh spin as she delves into the intricate relationship between sisters. Marriage-minded readers will find themselves happily enchanted by this debut.

After several seasons Julia St. Claire is happily resigned to spinsterhood. It is her sister, Sophia, she worries about. Sophia has set her heart on the soon-to-be Earl of Clivesden. However, the arrogant aristocrat wagers Julia will be his countess. Learning of the wager, Julia’s childhood friend, Benedict Revelstoke, decides to save her. Unwilling to betray her sister, Julia thinks that perhaps running off with Benedict will create enough of a scandal to throw Sophia and Clivesden together. Meanwhile, Sophia has made peace with the loss and agreed to be affianced to an intriguing earl with a dark past. As these complex relationships evolve, it is the surprise of finding love and passion that makes the scandalous proposals such fun. (BALLANTINE, Mar., 314 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin