Image of A Most Unconventional Courtship


Image of A Most Unconventional Courtship

An island off the coast of Greece is where an arrogant English earl meets his match in a fiercely independent Englishwoman. Allen combines touches of humor with finely drawn characters in this lively, captivating and very well-written story.

Not wanting murder committed on her doorstep, Alessa saves a man's life by knocking his assailant senseless. As she tends to her unconscious patient's wounds, she notes three things she distrusts: He is most likely English, an aristocrat and every inch a male.

Benedict Casper Chancellor, the Earl of Blakeney is attracted to his rescuer, a tall, slender, green-eyed beauty who takes in washing as a living. Alessa tells him her name is Alexandra Meredith and that she's the daughter of a deceased English intelligence officer and a French mother. Chance decides to see if he can find any of her relatives.

But fate steps in to get these two headstrong people to realize they are in love. An aunt looking for her long-lost niece is a bit of a nuisance, and some mischief arrives in the guise of a charming count (who's really a pirate) who wants Alessa for himself. Chance will have to save her and prove that he's the man for her. (HARLEQUIN, Apr., 290 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond