Image of A Most Unsuitable Groom (Becket Novel)


Image of A Most Unsuitable Groom (Becket Novel)

From the first page to the
last this continuation of the Beckets of Romney Marsh saga is a well-crafted novel. Emotional intensity, simmering sexual tension, characters you care about and political intrigue -- plus touches of humor and a poignant love story -- all come together in this hugely entertaining keeper.

Ainsley Becket is concerned about his son Spencer, who's still suffering some memory loss and recuperating from wounds he sustained during the war with America. Then a very pregnant Mariah Rutledge arrives at Becket Hall and informs Spence that he's about to become a father. Although a fleeting memory of her glorious flame-colored hair comes to him, he doesn't remember her saving his life when he was wounded. When his son is born, Spence is assured that Mariah is telling the truth, and Mariah soon becomes a member of the family.

But an old nemesis of Ainsley's still lives to cause murder and mayhem and puts Mariah's life in danger. Will Spence finally realize that this independent, brave woman is his life and his sanctuary? (HQN, Apr., 376 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond