Image of Most Wanted


Image of Most Wanted

Swinson and Turner join forces to create riveting, action-packed novellas about two women whose notoriety forces them to become fugitives. First person affords a front-row seat to the ordeals surrounding the reemergence of Swinson’s Gigi and Turner’s Peaches. Both authors cleverly characterize their rise from hood rat to living high to being hunted; yet their paths are different. Gigi’s prominence comes through her men. Her downfall comes through fear, ignorance and greed. Peaches is as smart as she is beautiful, which makes her a dangerous competitor. You’ll be glued to the pages until the very last bombshell.

In Swinson’s “The Most Wanted Diamonds,” Gigi discovers she may not be a true “ride or die” chick when faced with jail. Four years later her decision to steal diamonds to finance her getaway threatens her life and her wealthy older husband’s. In Turner’s story, scam artist Peaches is “On Da Run” after a con goes wrong, leaving two men dead. Now she must escape, not only from her troubled past, but from a first-degree murder charge. (DAFINA, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Robin R. Pendleton