Fate and Edward Sellington have dealt Kathryn Jordan a bad hand, and now, Daniel, Sellingtons son, will pay the price of her revenge.

Raised far from Edward, Daniel has little use for his fathers wealth. All he wants is to anonymously distribute money to those in need. He lives quietly until his identity is revealed, and he must go on the run.

Intent upon marrying Daniel and using his money to rescue her sister, Kathryn boards the stagecoach he is traveling in. When they are attacked by outlaws and abandoned by the driver, she and Daniel are left alone. Daniel believes he has found the perfect woman: a woman who does not want him for his money.

Kathryn gets her man and her wedding ring, but she begins to doubt her motives as she falls in love with Daniel. Then a blackmailers scheme and her own plan put her new life and happiness at risk.

Susan Kay Law has a marvelous touch that combines the Americana atmosphere of a romance by Pamela Morsi or Catherine Anderson with her own special sense of humor and understanding of human nature. This irresistible story is a true pleasure to read and savor. SENSUAL (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin