Impoverished Eliza Kent comes upon an overturned coach and eases the death of Elizabeth Mendoza de Leone. When gentleman farmer Dylan Fergusson mistakes her for Elizabeth, she seizes the opportunity to become a lady.

Dylan escorts Eliza to his home, where she is welcomed by his family. Eliza is confused by her powerful feelings for Dylan and her moral obligation to fulfill Elizabeth's dying wish. By assuming Elizabeth's identity she's left herself open to accusations of murdering her husband. With Dylan's help she must prove her innocence.

It seems Manuel's message is "be careful what you wish for." All Eliza wants is food and a warm bed, but she gets trouble. As appealing as Eliza and Dylan are, their tale's slow pace undercuts the mystery, allowing readers to lose interest. Those who keep up with the story will be rewarded by a gripping investigation and an exciting climax. SENSUAL (May, 453 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin