Luke and Charity Martin are living the idyllic life. Newly married and deeply in love, they share the work on their sheep farm until the day Luke awakens with vivid images of his past as Lucas Holbrook, Earl of Lynhurst and Viscount Beckford—and no memory of the year spent with Charity!

A year ago, Charity pulled him from the sea, and as he recuperated, he wooed and wed her. Now that he recalls his heritage, he intends to return to Longfield Park. But Charity isn't ready to let him go. She takes up residence there under an assumed name, and soon learns she's playing with fire when she tries to tempt Luke. He might have forgotten their marriage, but he remembers their sizzling passion.
v As passions rise, so does danger. A series of unexplained accidents that endanger Luke, Charity and his family, the mysterious disappearance of a young woman and an unexpected foe combine to thrust them all into jeopardy.

Smoldering sensuality merges with humor and danger in a delightful debut novel that will certainly appeal to fans of sexy, fast-paced, light romances. Manuel has a flair for creating endearing characters (including a pair of adorable Westies) and smoldering love scenes. Welcome to a fresh new voice in the genre. SENSUAL (Apr., 319 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin