Lady Catherine's scandalous past makes her the object of the ton's gossip, but that's nothing compared to what happens when she encounters an old flame in Vauxhall Gardens and claims they are married to prevent her uncle from gaining her fortune.

Charles still feels the pain of Catherine's rejection. Now she has them wed to save her reputation and inheritance. Could this be the opportunity he's been waiting for to finally claim her as his own?

Though their love never died, the dark secret Catherine carries, the activities of the daring Masked Marauder, who rescues St. Giles prostitutes, and a string of Jack the Ripper–style murders plunge them into a passionate charade where danger shadows their every move.

Manuel keeps the pace quick and the passion simmering in this tale of a lost love rekindled. It is easy to admire the strong characters and Catherine's noble intentions as you're swept up in her secrets and the danger she faces by falling in love with Charles. SENSUAL (Sep., 290 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin