Image of Mother of Lies


Image of Mother of Lies

The concluding volume of Duncan's Dodec duology seamlessly picks up where the first book left off and quickly moves through a dizzying series of events and narrators to a final, satisfying ending. While the sheer number
of characters is sometimes confusing, Duncan is an engaging and facile writer whose style makes for a
pleasant afternoon's read.

The past decade and a half has been difficult for the city of Celebre. The children of the ruler have been held hostage, the ruler's wife forcibly impregnated and the city is occupied by soldiers loyal to Stralg and the Stralg's sister, a religious fanatic devoted to a truly terrifying goddess.

Luckily for Celebre, the heirs to the throne are finding their way home, and there's a home-grown hero in the shape of one Marno Cavotti, the Mutineer. All have a destiny to fulfill in defeating the Stralg and the entire Hrag people. (Tor, May, 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs