If you enjoy stories involving children, then don't miss this touching, heartwarming, and at times humorous anthology.

In "Nobody's Child" by Emilie Richards, policeman Farrell Riley finds an abandoned child named Mary. After taking her to the foster home of Gemma Hancock, Farrell can't seem to stay away.

With "Baby On The Way," by Marie Ferrarella, a heartbroken J.T. Walker comes across a woman in trouble. Within minutes he's her hero and within days, he's more involved in her life than he ever imagined possible.

In "A Daddy For Her Daughters," by Elizabeth Bevarly, Sloan Sullivan participates in "Lend a Hand Month." High school basketball coach Naomi Carmichael becomes the recipient of his help. Will one month with Naomi and her daughters be enough for this pampered and prosperous attorney?

All three stories were a pleasure to read. The antics of the children will surely put a smile on reader's faces. (Apr., 377 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos